Clixsense/Ysense  : How much money one can EARN here? (Without Investment)

Clixsense/Ysense : How much money one can EARN here? (Without Investment)

On February 2007, a legitimate website that has an office in the US and is regulated by the strict US laws called Clixsense/Ysense  is launched.

What is Clixsense/Ysense?

Clixsense/Ysense is a “Get Paid To” (GPT) website which was founded in February 2007. It started as a Paid to Click website but over the period of time, ClixSense/Ysense added new ways of making money like Crowdflower tasks, ClixSense offers and paid surveys which soon became very popular among its users.

Different Ways Of Making Money With Clixsense/Ysense

Below are the different ways for you to make money with ClixSense/Ysense:

  • By completing surveys
  • By completing tasks

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Let us understand each and every method  of making money in detail.


1. Earn With Surveys

Surveys are an superb way to make money quickly. You need no skills to complete the surveys.

However, availability of survey depends upon your geographic location as well as your demographics. Surveys are available in abundance for Tier 1 countries.

The Tier 1 country includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Even people from developing countries like India get a lot of surveys if they login to clixsense/Ysense everyday and install the ClixAddon to check the surveys and task available for your profile. Below is the screenshot showing the number of surveys available for my profile.


The pay rate for a survey can vary considerably. Folks from Tier 1 countries can earn in the range of $0.6 to $4.5 for each survey.

The pay rates are lower for developing countries like India, Phillippines, Pakistan, and other countries not included in Tier 1. People from these countries get surveys which usually earn them $0.2 to $2.5 per survey.

1.1. How To Get More Surveys?

To ensure you get more surveys targeted for your country and demographics, you must fill up your survey profile after every 28 days. You can find the option for filling up your survey profile on the top left corner of your survey page as shown below :-



1.2. Is It Safe To Share Personal Details With Survey Companies?

Most survey companies will ask you for more information like Age, Gender, Your Income, Details about your family, etc. It is safe to share such details as the companies will use this data only for statistics purpose.

If you are browsing the internet, you are anyways sharing such data with the website you surf. This is because 99% of websites including Google, Facebook, and Twitter use cookies to record your IP Address, your location, your approximate age, gender, details about the device you are using to access the internet, etc.

So as long as you are not sharing sensitive data like Credit Card Number, Bank Details, Contact Number or Email Id, it is totally safe.

1.3. Reason For Disqualification While Completing Surveys

As I said earlier, most surveys are targeted for a specific audience depending upon the geographic location and demographics.

Apart from this, there are various other factors that decide whether or not you are eligible for a survey. These factors include your qualification, your work status, your job profile, the number of people in your family, the technology you use to connect to the internet, the gadgets you own, etc. among others.

Usually, the first few questions of the survey will decide whether or not you are eligible for taking the survey.

If you have correctly filled up your survey profile, it will minimize the chances of you getting irrelevant surveys.

1.4. Time Taken For Your Account To Be Credited

You will receive the earnings for most of the surveys almost immediately in your ClixSense/Ysense Account. Some surveys will take up to 5 minutes before you can see the earnings in your account.

However, there are few surveys which pay you only after 30 days. These surveys are marked with a Red Flag in front of them as shown in the image below

1.5. What To Do If You Do Not Receive Your Survey Earnings

If the survey is not marked with a red flag and you did not receive your earnings, you can check the status of a survey by clicking on History and support option at the top left corner of the surveys page as shown in the screenshot below.

This will open the following screen where you can see the status of various surveys along with other details.


Below is the explanation for each of the survey status

Completed: You have successfully completed the survey, and you will get paid for the same.

Screened Out: You were not eligible to complete the survey as you did not match the requirements for the same. For this option, you will also see the time you spent with answering the questions before you were screened out.

Unavailable: The survey was closed before you could complete it.

Quota Full: The survey reached the required number of participants before you complete the survey.

Started: You started the survey, but either you did not complete the survey, or due to some error you were not redirected to the ClixSense/Ysense success page.

In most cases, if you complete the survey and do not get your earnings, the survey will be marked as "Started." If that is the case, you can click on the survey in question which will open up the following dialogue box

Clicking on "Click Here For Help" will allow you to raise your query with the customer support.

Note: You must always make sure to take a screenshot of your ClixSense/Ysense Success page that you see after completing the survey. Uploading that screenshot while raising a support ticket will ensure you get paid for the survey in question.

1.6. Reason For Reversal Of Earnings

Most surveys companies use quality check questions and/or analyze your answers for uniformity. If the survey companies find out that you have either lied or selected random options, your earnings for the survey will be reversed.

It is, therefore, recommended that you be honest with your replies while taking the survey even if it means you qualify for fewer surveys.

2. Earn With ClixSense/Ysense Tasks

ClixSense/Ysense tasks are the best way for you to make money. This is especially true if you are not from Tier 1 countries mentioned above. Tasks at ClixSense/Ysense are provided by a third party company, Figure Eight.

Unlike surveys, tasks are not limited by location and demographics. They are just limited by your talent and the amount of time you can devote to working online.

You will be required to complete simple tasks like finding information on the internet, classifying products, etc.

2.1 Do I need Skills For Completing Figure Eight Tasks?

Figure Eight tasks are not as easy as surveys. However, you do not require any special skills to complete these tasks.

To complete Figure Eight tasks, you just need the basic internet skills along with an ability to follow the instructions mentioned for completing each task.

2.2 How Do I Complete The Tasks?

To complete the tasks, select the "Complete Tasks" under the "Tasks" section of the ClixSense/Ysense menu. 

You will now see a list of all the tasks available to you along with the level required to complete the task, Pay per task, the number of tasks available and the user rating for that task.

Click on the task you find to be interesting or the one that pays well.


You will now be taken to Figure Eight registration page which is a 3rd party solution which provides the tasks to ClixSense/Ysense. Enter your credentials to sign up with Figure Eight and login to your account.

Once you sign-in, you will now be taken to the task page.

You will be provided with a set of instructions that you will help you understand what exactly you have to do. Each task page may contain multiple questions which you need to answer for completing the task.

However, before you start completing your tasks, it is important to know various modes whiles completing ClixSense/Ysense Tasks.

2.3. Different modes In ClixSense/Ysense Tasks

Below are the three modes you will encounter while completing tasks.

a. Test Mode

Almost all the tasks contain test questions to check whether or not you have desired skills to complete the task. When you open a task, you will first enter the Test Mode.

To pass the test mode, you will have to complete the task with some degree of accuracy which will be specified on the top bar as shown in the screenshot below.

The above task contains 10 questions, and you have to answer 7 questions correctly, that is, maintain minimum 70% accuracy level to move to the next mode, that is "Work mode."

If you fail to answer 7 questions correctly, you will enter the "Expelled Mode."

The accuracy required to clear the test mode will be different for each task.

Note: You do not get paid for completing the task in the test mode.

b. Work Mode

Once you clear Test Mode, you will enter the work mode and start making money for each task that you complete in this mode.

However, in the work mode, you will get one random test question. If you get this question wrong, your overall accuracy will be affected.

Suppose you answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly in the task as mentioned earlier. Since your accuracy is 70%, you will enter the Work Mode.

But, if you fail to answer the test question in the work mode correctly, you will now have 7 out of 11 test questions correctly. Your accuracy will now be 66.66% which is less than the desired accuracy of 70%.

c. Expelled Mode

As the name suggests, in the expelled mode you will be barred from completing the particular task. You can, however, complete other tasks.

If you regularly complete the tasks with good accuracy, CrowdFlowe will promote you to higher levels.

2.4. What Are Different Levels In Figure Eight Tasks

Figure Eight has a level system to bifurcate people completing the task as per their skills. This is to make sure employers have the choice of filtering less skilled people by restricting the tasks to a higher level task workers.

Level 0: If you are just starting with Figure Eight tasks, you will be placed at Level 0. There are very few tasks available at this level.

So you must complete all the tasks available to you irrespective of whether they pay well or not. This will make sure you quickly move to Level 1 or above.

To Level up, you must answer at least 100 questions and complete 10 different tasks. Your overall accuracy will decide the level you are promoted to.

Level 1: Minimum 70% accuracy level needed

Level 2: Minimum 80% accuracy level needed

Level 3: Minimum 85% accuracy level needed.

Best Of Luck for starting your journey, for Earning Money Online